404 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 404
Street: Miami
Name: N
Family: Block
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: 1985
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 79 & 80 (pars 158, 581)
Architect: Richard Ward
Cont/Build: Harry Hake

Description: 1 1/2 story Transitional, wood frame, shingle siding, gable roof: 3 bed rooms, 2 1/2 baths
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: N
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 2008 - permit for William Block to remodel kitchen and master bathroom (Randy Hershey architect and contractor).


Current Owner: Richard N. Block
Curr Date Fr: 2009
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Harold S. & Marianne O Mercier
Date Fr: 1985
Date To: 2009


Story 1 : Land taken from 402 Miami to build 404 Miami.
Story 2 : The Mercer and Delaplaine home was on the 1998 Sunday December 6 Holiday Tour of Homes TP Garden Club House Tour. Homes were open from 1-5 PM and tickets were $10. The Community House was open for Ticket sales, Holiday gift items, Refreshments and Restrooms.
Story 3 : House built in 1985 for Harold and Marianne (Babe) Mercier. They consulted with Geoff Egbers of Ammon Landscape Design of Burlington KY for help with the yard, wanting as little grass as possible. They wanted texture and a variety of shapes in a natural looking setting which they got with groundcovers, trees and easy care perennials. (Enquirer article 7-31-1993)
Story 4 : Harold Sickles Mercier was born 20 July 1913 & died (aged 84 years) 24 December 1997, buried 2 January 1998 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH, Johnson, W. Mack Funeral Home.
Story 5 : Marianne Babe Orr Mercier Christensen was born 18 December, 1926 & died 12 September 2007, buried 14 September 2007 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH (half her ashes are in the Orr lot and half in the Christensen lot), Schafer, Busby Funeral Home. Babe Mercier had not been married to Paul Christensen very long before she died.


1986-97 Directories:
Harold & Babe Mercier

1998-2007 Directories:
Mrs. Harold (Babe) Mercier/Eleanor Delaplaine

2008-09 Direct:
(Sold 2009 to Babe's daughter, Ellie, & husband)

2011-12 Directories
Rick & Ellie Block