304 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 304
Street: Miami
Name: N
Family: Deeter
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1922/3
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City (story 2)
Lot: Irreg 22-23

Description: 3 story dark red brick Four Square, hip roof with front dormers, porch across the front. The 1999 addition is set back so it does not destroy the original front line of the house.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 1969/70 - Richard Griffith remodeled the kitchen, added the 1st floor lavatory and 16' x 20' family room at the back. 1999 - large addition set back on the south side of the house for Robert Sexsmith (Jane Yancey, architect; Pat McGoff, contractor).


Current Owner: Joshua D. Deeter
Curr Date Fr: 2011
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: George Earl Koch
Date Fr: 1922
Date To: 1924

Owner 1: Arthur C. Christopher Sr., Grace M. Christopher
Date Fr 1: 1924
Date To 1: 1958

Owner 2: John & Helen S. Campbell
Date Fr 2: 1958
Date To 2: 1964

Owner 3: Robert S. & Jane B. Spangler
Date Fr 3: 1964
Date To 3: 1967

Owner 4: Richard Sampley & Natalie H. Griffith
Date Fr 4: 1967
Date To 4: 1988

Owner 5: Robert H. & Terry Sexsmith
Date Fr 5: 1988
Date To 5: 2011

1975 Owner: Richard S. Griffith. Ir 22-23 Sib 1


Story 1 : Several Christopher families lived in the Miami/Oxford area of Terrace Park. This Christopher family rented out their house from the late 1930s until 1957 when the Campbells bought it.
Story 2 : J. W. Sibleys Sub-division of Lots 3 & 4 Camden City (same for all 300, 400, 500 Miami).
Story 3 : Article on Richard S. Griffith in T. P. Historical Society file.
Story 4 : Mrs. George Jaap - president TP Garden Club 1936-38 (see below)
Story 5 : From a message from Ray Worseck I conclude that Robert Carl & Gladys Vogt were probably the renters here in 1942. The 1940 Census shows the Jaap family still living here as they did in 1939 (according to the map) so the Vogts must not have moved here until after that census was taken. Ray says, Mr. Vogt was my father's boss in the Army Engineer Corps in Cincinnati. My mother's diary records a visit to these Vogts in Terrace Park in late 1940. My sister visited Terrace Park in the late 1980s. When she told my mother where she was going, our mother said Oh, that's where Carl Vogt lived. Using the 1944 City Directory, the Cincinnati Public Library confirmed that the Vogts lived in Terrace Park. By 1954 the Vogts had moved to Milford and Mr. Vogt was working for a private engineering firm. We do not know if these Vogts are related to Robert and Dorothy Vogt who later lived on Princeton.


1939 Map:
Jaap (renters) (moved to 711 Miami)

1942 Map:
Vogt (renters)

1951/3 Map:
Durward Hughes (renters) (owner of the Terrace Park Market)

1959 Directory:
John & Helen Campbell

1960-64 Direct:
'' (moved to 628 Myrtle)

1965-66 Direct
Robert Bob & Jane Spangler (moved from 411 Washington. In 2001 live in Charlotte NC. Relatives of the Tarkingtons at 214 Harvard)

1967-68 Direct:

1969-88 Directories:
Richard & Natalie Griffith (moved from St. Louis)

1990-2012 Directories:
Robert & Terry Sexsmith