101 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 101
Street: Miami (Terrace Place until 1950)
Name: Voige/Hazard House
Family: Ferguson
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: N
Sec: 23
Sub: Pattison & Iuen
Lot: Irreg 45

Description: 3 story Victorian. An example of late 19th century shingle architecture. Asymmetrical fenestration enhanced by its mixed wall treatments and numerous bays. Wall treatment on the first floor is shiplap, the second is butt shingle, and the third floor exhibits surated shingles. The front facade exhibits a slightly projecting pavilion with a gable end flanking a slightly cantilevered roof and entrance. The north elevation is characterized by a long, sweeping roofline that is so typical of the Shingle Style. Two gabled roof dormers accentuated by brilliantly pointed sunbursts mark the south facade. These sunbursts are particularly visible when juxtaposed to the serrated shingles. Supporting the front pavilion are four decorative brackets. (Ohio Historic Inventory - 4 1980)
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

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Current Owner: William M. & Janet L. Ferguson
Curr Date Fr: 2003
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: William Henry & Emma Voige
Date Fr: 1886
Date To: 1893

Owner 1: Mary Hazard (& Dr. J. H. Hazard)
Date Fr 1: 1893
Date To 1: 1914

Owner 2: Theodore & Pauline Thauwald
Date Fr 2: 1914
Date To 2: 1945

Owner 3: St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Rector, Wardens, Vestry (for renters and assistants)
Date Fr 3: 1945
Date To 3: 2003
Date To 8: Owner in

1975 Owner: Atkins Realty Co. Ir 45 PI


Story 1 : According to a report written by Mrs. Breiling in 1919 for the Terrace Park Woman's Club, the Covalt Station Block House and graveyard were originally where this house now stands. There were two old cedars on the place and when they were taken out to put down cement walks and also when the cellar was dug skeletons were unearthed.
Story 2 : One of the early occupants was a certain Dr. Savage who had a contract with the railroad company to tend to sick passengers on passing trains. On the first landing of the upstairs stairs is today a window with a pane mounted in the center. I am told that the pane was once red and a kerosene lamp was lit to inform trains that the doctor was in residence. The train would stop and blow the whistle and apparently the good doctor would come running. One dark night the string of elephants each holding the tail of the one ahead with its trunk broke apart unbeknownst to the circus staff leaving one rather large critter on his (or her) own. The elephant at this point decided that what he really wanted was a good scratch. So he ambled up to 101 house and scratched. Shingles went everywhere and the good doctor (Dr. J. H. Hazard) and his sleeping bride were all but thrown out of their bed as the frame house responded to this rather vigorous scratch. (all three Story 2, Rev. Bob Gerhard) According to records at Spring Grove Cemetery, Dr. J. Henry Hazard was born in 1846 and died in 1908 from heart failure.
Story 3 : 101 Miami was bought by the church (St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Rector, Wardens & Vestry) to house the Rev. John Yungblut. He was followed by the Rev. Kenneth Clark. Afterwards it was used for assistant ministers of St. Thomas Church with the residence of the rector being moved to 203 Cambridge to the Meyer house which was left to the church when old Mr. Meyers died. (Rev. Bob Gerhard)
Story 4 : At one time the McKees lived here, probably renters. Also at 733 Elm & 214 Harvard. Perhaps other renters were William & Elizabeth Carter who listed this as their residence when they signed the Initiative Petition for Terrace Park Recreation Club in July 1940.
Story 5 : Pattison & Iuen Subdivision, 1886. John M. Pattison (June 13, 1847 - June 18, 1906). One time Governor of Ohio. Had Bright's Desease. His home was Promont in Milford. John B. Iuen (died 1904). Information on these two in Bridge to the Past. A History of Milford, Ohio. In the same year these two and others began the Valley Enterprise newspaper. Mr. Pattison developed a subdivision in the area bounded by Lewis, Gatch and Wallace Streets in Milford in 1888. He also owned lots in the South Milford subdivision in 1892.
Story 6 : Peggy Atlee LaCrone was born 28 July 1936 and died October 1987, aged 51 years, buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 5, Niche 133.


Among the finest representations of Shingle style architecture in Terrace Park. Located on Lot #45 of Pattison and Iuen's subdivision, platted on May 24, 1886. The house was built by Henry Voige circa 1890. In 1889 Voige deeded the property to his wife and also took a mortgage with the Milford Home Building Company. He was not listed in the 1889 Hamilton County Directory. By 1891 he was listed as a Tobacconist in Milford with his residence on Terrace Place. In 1893 Voige was a clerk residing on Miami Avenue. In 1893 Voige sold the property to Mary Hazard for $2,680.00. (from the Ohio Historic Inventory - 4/1980)
In 1980 when the Ohio Historic Inventory was made this building was said to be in excellent interior and exterior condition and was eligible to be on the National Register.

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Kotte. 1911-12 Directory Miami & Terrace Place - Charles, Theo &

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Rev. John R. Yungblut.Charles, Theo, & Theo Jr. - draftsman

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The Rev. Kenneth & Amelia Clarke

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The Rev. William Bill & Joan Baker

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