5 Hawthorn Lane

General Information

No: 5
Street: Hawthorne
Name: Sullivan/Kelly House
Family: Kelly
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: 1900
Sec: 23
Sub: Pattison & Iuen
Lot: 82-83

Description: 2 story Victorian farmhouse, siding, gable roof.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: N?
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details:


Current Owner: Michael J. Kelly Tr.
Curr Date Fr: 2004
Curr Date To:

Original Owner:
Date Fr:
Date To:

Owner 1: Thomas Sullivan

Owner 2: Ruth Marie Kelly 1/2 & Alice J. Sullivan 1/2
Date Fr 2: 1947

Owner 3: Mary Sullivan
Date To 3: 1952

Owner 4: Ruth M. Kelly
Date Fr 4: 1952

Owner 5: Michael J. Kelly, Janet M. Dubois, Patricia S. Murray, Timothy S. Kelly, Irene E. Kelly, Kathleen J. Caito, Mary F. Miller
Date Fr 5: 2003

1975 Owner: Ruth M. Kelly. 82-83 Pt Vas St Adj PI


Story 1 : This street was vacated in 1953. This and 1 & 2 Oxford were the only 3 houses built on Hawthorn. London Street was also vacated at some time so that the original plan for this part of Terrace Park was never realized.
Story 2 : On the 1900 census a Sullivan family is living next door to our Sullivans on Terrace Place (actually 5 Hawthorne). This couple may well be the parents of our Thomas Sullivan: Cornelius Sullivan (74 years old, born in Ireland, immigrated in 1844 and now in the US 56 years) and his wife Mary (69 years old, had 4 children and only 1 still living, born in Ireland, immigrated in 1845 and now in the US 55 years). Both are naturalized citizens and own their home free of mortgage.


1939 Map:

1942 Map:

1951/3 Map:

1959 Directory:
Leslie B. & Ruth Kelly

1962-70 Directories:

1971-72 Direct:
'' (Leslie died October 4, 1971)

1973-74 Direct:
Mrs. Leslie (Ruth) Kelly

1975-76 Direct:

1978-2001 Directories:

2002-03 Direct:
(Ruth died October 2002 - granddaughter living there)

2004-05 Direct:

2006-07 Direct:
Mrs. Ruth Kelly

2008-09 Direct: