733 Elm Avenue

General Information

No: 733
Street: Elm
Name: N
Family: Satterwhite
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: N
Sec: 22
Sub: Thomas R. Biggs Est. (Round Bottom Farm)
Lot: Pt 2 (pt parcel 3)

Description: 2 1/2 stories brick and shingle siding, gable roof.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 1977 - Robert L. Russel installed concrete block foundation under porches. 1986 - added family room, 1/2 bath and powder room. 1987 - erected garage on existing foundation. 2002 - permit for Mark & Beth Porst to make a front porch, and outdoor fireplace addition (Steve Barber, contractor).2010 permit for Addition /Remodel by C. R. Terrell for Porst.


Current Owner: David & Erin F. Satterwhite
Curr Date Fr: 2016
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Charles V. & I. McChesney
Date Fr: 1906
Date To: 1921

Owner 1: R. W. & R. G. Finch
Date Fr 1: 1921
Date To 1: 1922

Owner 2: Catherine Klettner
Date Fr 2: 1922
Date To 2: 1937

Owner 3: Home Owners Loan Corp.
Date Fr 3: 1937
Date To 3: 1940

Owner 4: Joseph W. & Evelyn M. Kelsey
Date Fr 4: 1940
Date To 4: 1942

Owner 5: Helen K. Terwillegar
Date Fr 5: 1942
Date To 5: 1957

Owner 6: Robert L. & Viola Russell
Date Fr 6: 1957
Date To 6: 1968

Owner 7: William R. Graf Jr. (also at 722 Park)
Date Fr 7: 1968
Date To 7: 1986

Owner 8: Nancy C. Harness (Dick Ward)
Date Fr 8: 1986
Date To 8: 1993

Owner 9: Mark & Beth L. Betsy Porst
Date Fr 9: 1993
Date To 9: 2016

1975 Owner: Robert L. & Viola Russell Pt lot 2, Round Bottom Farm Biggs Sub This is somewhat confusing since, according to the deeds, the Russels sold in 1968 to the Grafs, but then did work on the house after the sale date. Is there a relationship between the Russell & Graf families?


Story 1 : When the Terwillegars lived here, daughter Alice bought a horse named Midnight and taught riding to some village children (Lynn Mileham). Her brother, Bob, built a stall in the single side of the garage. Alice used pasture across the street, part of the lot of the house directly across from the school (720 Elm). She may have ridden some with Kate Cornish (725 Wooster). Alice lives in Washington State (2002). Bob also had an aunt, Marie, who lived in Milford on the corner of Lewis and Main. Information from Bob Terwillegar who has also given us a plan from the Layman's League (St. Thomas) for a recreational area directly behind their house.
Story 2 : According to Bob Terwillegar his mother bought the house from the McKees (probably only rented) who later lived on Amherst. Bob also says, When I was growing up here I played with Mary Green and Marty Radcliff. The Greens lived at 716 Floral). Mary's mother or grandmother was the woman pilot on the river - Green Line Steamers. We organized a Jr. Commandos after Little Orphan Annie in the comics. Marty was the oldest and captain. We met upstairs in the Green garage.
Story 3 : 1911-12 Directory: C. V. McChesney - clerk (Ida M.), Elsie C.- student, Nellie Adams and Stella Brown - teachers, boarders. J. H. Sells. All this at Stanton and Elm - but was this house already built or was there an earlier house here or on another corner? McChesneys moved to 401-1 Marietta
Story 4 : Bob Reuter believes someone living here raised bees during the time he was living at 709 Yale.
Story 5 : John Rockaway (720 Elm) says his family lived on the 3rd floor of this house when they moved back to Terrace Park after WWII. This was while they were waiting for their Yale Avenue (823 Yale) house to be built and to get John into Terrace Park 3rd Grade. During WWII John says they lived all over, wherever there was an army base. Did the Rockaways live here or at 509 Marietta or both?
Story 6 : The Gazebo on the Village Green is a memorial to Richard Elliot Ward (architect). He was born in 22 August 1949 and died 29 December 1988, aged 39 years, buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 7, Niche 208.


1939 Map:
McKee (renters?) (later at 101 Miami & 214 Harvard)

1942 Map:

1951/3 Map:
Helen K. Terwillegar (mother of Bob and Alice)

1959-84 Directories:
Robert & Viola Russell

1986-93 Directories:
Nancy Harness & Richard Ward (Sold 1986)

1994-2015 Directories:
Mark & Beth Porst