720 Elm Avenue

General Information

No: 720
Street: Elm
Name: Gravelotte
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: N
Sec: 28
Sub: Thomas R. Biggs-Gravelotte
Lot: Pt 11
Architect: unknown
Cont/Build: Thomas Biggs

Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: Prior to 1873 - 2 story frame addition on the north side of the house. Only change since is the enclosure of the rear porch (until 2000). 1973 - fire destroyed the barn at Elm and Douglas. 1999 - back lot sold off to Drackett & Harth for a building lot (became 805 Douglas). 1997 - Drackett & Harth built new garage (Architects Plus). 2000 - permit for John & Linda Rockaway to make an addition (at least mainly to the 2 story frame addition on the north side of the house) and remodel. Drackett & Harth contractors. Kyle Vonderheide architect.


Current Owner: Nick & Katie Waterson
Curr Date Fr: 2014
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Charles & Mary Biggs Burns (from family Bible)
Date Fr: 1865/9
Date To: 1873

Owner 1: Charles A. & Jane E. Howe
Date Fr 1: 1873
Date To 1: 1920

Owner 2: Harry T. & Nina Y. Davis
Date Fr 2: 1920
Date To 2: 1959

Owner 3: Lee H. & Margaret L. Hontz
Date Fr 3: 1959
Date To 3: 1964

Owner 4: Arthur & Marilyn Dutton
Date Fr 4: 1964
Date To 4: 1968

Owner 5: Charles & Nancy Millard
Date Fr 5: 1968
Date To 5: 1974

Owner 6: John D. & Katherine Quist(see 209 Cambridge, story 2)
Date Fr 6: 1974
Date To 6: 1977

Owner 7: Richard & Marilyn Mileham
Date Fr 7: 1977
Date To 7: 1997

Owner 8: Diamond D. Investments Inc.
Date Fr 8: 1997
Date To 8: 1997

Owner 9: John & Linda Rockaway
Date Fr 9: 1997
Date To 9: 2013

Owner 10: Matthew E. & Tara C. Kenneway
Date Fr 10: 2013/14?
Date To 10: 2014

1975 Owner: John D. & Kathryn S. Quist Pt 11 Thomas R. Biggs Sub & Pt Vac Maple Ave


Story 1 : Gravelotte was one of two identical houses built by a wealthy merchant (probably not for his daughter as some believe). The other was the Fenton House on what is now Terrace Park School property. More research needs to be done on this as these houses may not even have been built at the same time and may not have looked the same as each other when built. See material on the Fenton House.
Story 2 : Map of Gravelotte (area belonging to Thomas Biggs including this house). Miss Frances Biggs (daughter of T. R. Biggs) gave me this copy Sept 12, 1956. This plat was made no later than 1876 which was the year Mr. Biggs died. In view of the fact that he was ruined in the Panic of 1873 this plat was probably made in either 1872 or 1873. Miss Biggs died June 1, 1957. from James B. Parker Jr.
Story 3 : According to a Breiling Terrace Park history report for the Terrace Park Woman's Club this was one of four houses standing east of the railroad before 1886.
Story 4 : Thomas R. Biggs, son of Zacheus, lived at Round Botton Farm; 1st married Catherine and had one daughter who married Charles R. Burns; 2nd married Mary E. Langdon and had five children (no twins), Margretta married Charles Miller. See Biggs family chart in file (Esther Power).
Story 5 : 1911-12 Directory: Jane R. Howe, widow of Charles. Blanche. 1891 residents: Charles & Samuel Howe - farmers. Charles also there in 1897.
Story 6 : Information from History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio; their Past and Present. S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1894, pages 954/5. Charles A. Howe was born February 28, 1836, in Lebanon, N. H., and came to Cincinnati in 1842. He is a son of Capt. Edward A. and Abigail (Dickinson) Howe, the former of whom was born in 1804., of English extraction, and a descendant of the Potter family which came to America in 1639. He was a cabinet maker and painter. Charles A. received a common-school education. He was married November 26, 1868 to Miss Jennie Ross, whose father, John Ross, was born in New Jersey, January 10, 1808., and migrated with his parents to Hamilton county in 1812, locating near Cincinnati. After reaching manhood he engaged in farming, at which he was financially successful. The mother of Mrs. Howe was Lydia (Valentine) Ross, born in 1820 in Clermont county, Ohio; her parents came to Cincinnati in 1824. To Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Howe have been born three children: Stanley, Blanche and Perry A., all of whom are at home. Mr. Howe is one of the reputable and model farmers of Columbia township, living in Terrace Park. He and his wife attend the Episcopal Church, and politically he affiliates with the Democratic party.
Story 7 : According to a story (Stan Miller?) Perry Howe was a bicycle rider and burned to death in a gasoline explosion at home.
Story 8 : Nina Y. Davis raised and sold turkeys here. According to her son she also was a realtor. There were 4 children: 2 girls and 2 boys. They raised 2 collies: Lonsdale Lochinvar and one of his daughters, Toodles.
Story 9 : See Ohio Historic Inventory information in file. See also information on the house and Terrace Park prepared for the Mileham family in 1988 for possible inclusion of the home in the National Historical Register (in TP His Soc file)
Story 10 : This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Lynne) Richard Mileham was on the 1978 December 10 Christmas in the Village TP Garden Club House Tour. It was a Sunday, tickets were $2 and the homes were open from 3-7 PM. Proceeds used for beautification of the village. The Community House was open for refreshments and a Raffle Drawing at 6:30 PM.
Story 11 : The Mileham home was on the 1992 Sunday December 6 An Historic Walk Through Terrace Park TP Garden Club House Tour . Homes were open from 1-5 PM. Proceeds were used for village beautification.
Story 12 : The John and Linda Rockaway home was on the 2002 Heritage House Tour.
Story 13 : John Rockaway is the son of John & Dottie Rockaway, 823 Yale. His brother is James, 309 Stanton)


1939 Map:

1942 Map:
H. T. Davis (moved to 615 Lexington)

1951/3 Map:
Herbert Davis

1959 Directory:
Nina Y. Davis

1960-64 Directories:
Lee & Peggy Hontz (moved from 800 Park)

1965-68 Directories:
Arthur & Marilyn Dutton

1969-74 Directories:
Charles & Nancy Millard (moved from 709 Yale)

1975-76 Direct:
John & Kay Quist

1978-95 Directories:
Dick & Lynne Mileham (moved from 610 Miami)

1996-97 Direct:
(moved to Indian Hill)

1998-2001 Directories:
Harvey & Viviane Romeike (renters)

2002-012 Directories:
John & Linda Rockaway