827-2 Douglas Avenue

General Information

No: 827-2
Street: Douglas
Name: N
Family: Billups
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1995/6
Sec: 28
Sub: Thomas R. Biggs-Gravelotte
Lot: 1 & 2 (par 5, 6, 101)
Architect: Rick Koehler, Architects Plus
Cont/Build: Drackett/Harth Construction

Description: 2 story Southern frame house with front and rear porches, masonite, siding, hip roof with front gable dormers.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: Y

Changes Details: 1996 - permit for David Reid to add a family area in the basement (DK Design and Builder).


Current Owner: Joseph Scott & Cristina M. Billups
Curr Date Fr: 2009
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: (Drackett & Harth Construction Co.)
Date Fr: 1995
Date To: 1996

Owner 1: David F. Reid & Janet Allen-Reid
Date Fr 1: 1996
Date To 1: 1998

Owner 2: Taryn R. Reising
Date Fr 2: 1998
Date To 2: 1999

Owner 3: Mark D. & Melissa M. Cinquina
Date Fr 3: 1999
Date To 3: 2009


Story 1 : New construction began 8/1/95 with the destruction of the original home, saving basement/foundation. Built new home on top. Added crawl space and 3rd garage.
Story 2 : This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Janet) David Reid was on the 1996 Sunday December 8 Holiday Home Tour TP Garden Club House Tour. Homes were open from 1-5 PM and tickets were $10. Proceeds were used to continue the beautification of our Village. Terrace Park Etchings, Refreshments and Ticket Sales were at 716 Park Avenue.


1996-97 Direct:
David Reid & Janet Allen-Reid

1998-99 Direct:
(Sold 1998) (Sold 1999)

2000-07 Directories:
Mark & Melissa Cinquina

2008-09 Direct:
(Sold 2009)

2011-15 Directories:
Joseph & Christina Billups