815-1 Douglas Avenue

General Information

No: 815-1
Street: Douglas
Name: N
Family: Timothy D. Griffin Tr.
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1955
Sec: 28
Sub: Thomas R. Biggs-Gravelotte
Lot: 6, pts 5 & 7

Description: Brick & frame single-story Ranch, hip & gable roof: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry/utility room, family room, master bedroom with bath, 2 other bedrooms, bath and 3 hall closets.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: Bless (?) converted the porch off the kitchen to a heated room. 2nd garage and family room were added before the Klingers. Klingers replaced the old metal framed windows with Pella windows throughout (except in the family room and one window in the kitchen which they replaced with a greenhouse window). The dining room window was replaced with Pella sliding doors and 2 long windows, basically making a wall of windows. They also added a deck across 2/3 the length of the house and did extensive landscaping, changing the front concrete walkway to a curved Colorado slate walkway sided with low sandstone walls. They removed some of the front yews and replaced them with holly, added evergreens and planted 2 maples and a river birch and 3 redbuds in the back yard. 2002 - permit for Epic to demolish 3 bedroom home.


Current Owner:
Curr Date Fr:
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Ruth J. Sauer
Date Fr: 1954
Date To: 1955

Owner 1: Orin R. & Beulah P. Bellamy
Date Fr 1: 1955
Date To 1: 1958

Owner 2: Wayne C. & Maxine G. Hammond
Date Fr 2: 1958
Date To 2: 1965

Owner 3: George T. & Deborah Bless
Date Fr 3: 1965
Date To 3: 1974

Owner 4: Wallace & Jacqueline Campbell
Date Fr 4: 1974
Date To 4: 1986

Owner 5: Donn & Elizabeth Klinger
Date Fr 5: 1986
Date To 5: 1996

Owner 6: Marshall C. & Betty Formby
Date Fr 6: 1996
Date To 6: 2002

Owner 7: JFP Construction Company LLC
Date Fr 7: 2002
Date To 7: 2003

Owner 8: Epic Builders LLC
Date Fr 8: 2003

1958 Owner: Orin R. & Beulah P. Bellamy c/o W. Hammond. Lot 6, Pts. 5-7 Gravelotte Biggs Est. (perhaps all of 7?)

1975 Owner: Wallace R. Campbell. Lot 6 Pars 5-7 Gravelotte Biggs Est BLK 12 Pars 9-10-97 Cons


Story 1 : According to a 3/27 newspaper article in Stan Miller's 1965 Scrapbook, this house was empty for a long time before the Bless family bought it. The article says the home was owned at the time by Halsey Bechtel at 827 Douglas (or was it the Bank for which Halsey worked?) On one of his regular checks of the vacant house, he found Herbert T. Jackson dead in his car in the garage of 815 Douglas. Mr. Jackson was a Mariemont real estate executive, vice president of Robert A. Cline Residential Inc., for whom he had shown the house previously to prospective buyers. The house was listed with Cline. Jackson apparently died of carbon monoxide fumes.


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1959 Directory:
Wayne & Maxine Hammond

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1967-68 Direct:
George & Debby Bless

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(moved to 823 Douglas)

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Wally & Jackie Campbell

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(moved to Richmond VA 23233)

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Don & Liz Klinger

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(moved to NH)

1998-99 Direct:
Marshall & Betty Formby

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----- (Sold 2002)